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Please visit our resources page to read new book reviews for Images of Pilgrimage and The Soul's Pilgrimage: The Theology of the Christian Year. They are featured in The Anglican Planet & The Living Church (written by Sue Careless) and The Anglican Theological Review (by Charles Hefling).

There has been a Lenten study group on Images of Pilgrimage led by Fr Walter Hannam available on St Olave's Swansea's Youtube Channel. You may find the link to the first talk on our resources page.

On our website's Resources page you will find two new additions.

Dr Alex Fogleman has written a review of the Works of Robert Crouse publications for the North American Anglican.

We have also made Michelle Wilband's concluding speech from our January 2024 Halifax Book Launch available.

Updated: Mar 19

An event has been added to our Halifax Book Launch.

On Monday, January 15 at 12:15 PM there will be a lecture given by Fr Gavin Dunbar called, "The two Michelangelos and the art of the Christian sacred and of the Christian secular". The lecture takes place at St George's Church (2222 Brunswick St).

Please see our events schedule page for any updates. Paper copies of the schedule will be distributed at the launch!

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