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Pilgrimage, Human & Divine


THE WORKS OF ROBERT CROUSE is a project undertaken by former students of Robert Crouse who wish to share what they received from their teacher: a profound philosophical thinking that gathers up the riches of the Western intellectual tradition, interpreted by caritas


Robert Crouse sought, in his teaching and preaching, to recover for our time a vision of human life as pilgrimage. His vision of human existence speaks to our current experiences of loss and spiritual confusion by recalling an account of our common humanity as both moved by and fulfilled in love. His writings provide for us a redeeming work of recollection and spiritual renewal pointing to the pilgrimage of hope that alone does not disappoint.
   For the doubter, Crouse offers certainty; for the sufferer, hope; for the weakened, strength, for the pilgrim, a way.
  With breathtaking precision of thought firmly grounded in the word of God and the theology of the church through the ages, he inspires all with a desire to discover this universal and yet intensely personal way of pilgrimage to the new Jerusalem.

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Robert Crouse

Robert Crouse (1930-2011) was one of the great spiritual mentors of the twentieth century. He was a teacher, musician, preacher, gardener, and a world-recognized authority on Augustine and Dante. His interdisciplinary approach to scholarship, linking the arts, poetry, architecture, science, philosophy, music and theology of every age, influenced thousands of students in their thinking. 
     As a contemplative, he sought communion with the deepest things and to be in his presence was to sense the still centre amidst the world of time and change.
     As a preacher, his gift of intellect was filtered through a deeply pastoral spirit such that his
sermons were received enthusiastically by world-class academics, keen university students, struggling parents, fishers, and farmers alike. Deeply rooted in the Anglican Tradition, he sought to recover for our time a vision of human life as pilgrimage. He was the first non-Catholic invited to the Augustinian Patristic Institute in
Rome. Fr Crouse spent his entire life in his ancestral home in a small village in Nova Scotia

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Images of Pilgrimage:
Paradise and Wilderness in Christian Spirituality

A Soul's Pilgrimage:
Vol. 1: From Advent to Pentecost

A Soul's Pilgrimage:

Vol. 2: The Descent of the Dove and the Spiritual Life

My Books

Fr Robert Crouse was one of the great spiritual mentors of the twentieth century. In this delightful series he gracefully and perceptively brings the spiritual depth and intellectual brilliance of pre-Christian classical and biblical traditions into high relief, revealing the striking mutuality in their on-going conversation to be highly worthy of Christian meditation. Here are beautiful examples of his theological workmanship; the book is a spiritual treasure.


FRSC, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Baylor Institute for Studies in Religion


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