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Images of Pilgrimage:
Paradise and Wilderness in Christian Spirituality

Images of Pilgrimage is a set of addresses given by Crouse for a clergy retreat in Nova Scotia, Canada in the 1980s. It provides a theologically rich and yet deeply literary account of the Christian life understood as pilgrimage. It moves Chronologically from the way pilgrimage figures in ancient pagan sources, to the Bible, and then as the animation theme in theological tradition from Augustin to Dante. Pilgrimage is shown to be central to what constitutes a Christian life, indeed a human life universally conceived, and to the whole work of the church as revealing through time the nature of our shared humanity.


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A study guide to 
images of pilgrimage


Robert Crouse’s eloquent prose in Images of Pilgrimages is immediately accessible, and even a first reading or hearing enlightens the mind and stirs the heart. Yet there is much more to discover through subsequent readings and further study of this remarkable work on the soul’s journey to God. A Study Guide to Images of Pilgrimage: Notes and Discussion Questions on the book by Robert D. Crouse offers notes and commentary on both Crouse’s words and the works to which he refers in order to help the reader delve more deeply into the deceptively simple text. The Guide also includes suggested topics for discussion and helpful links for a leader using the text in a group study.

A Study Guide to Images of Pilgrimage was compiled by Rhea Bright who had the great privilege of learning from Father Crouse through sermons, lectures, and seminars over many years, as well as in conversation around the dinner table.

A Study Guide to Images of Pilgrimage is sold on Amazon bookstores everywhere in both soft cover and electronic versions.


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The Soul's Pilgrimage: The Theology of the Christian Year
A Series of Sermons in Three Volumes
 1: From Advent to Pentecost

These forty-seven sermons are devotional, doctrinal, and poetical commentaries on Christian year.  Father Crouse invites all who seek to walk ancient spiritual paths to follow the traditional readings of the church through prayerful seasons of famine and feast, repentance and glory, death and rebirth, into a transformed spirit, a converted heart and a renewed mind. These sermons are sign posts to guide contemporary souls along the route followed by countless pilgrims before them. they invite us to travel a sure spiritual path of self discovery and sanctification that is still available to us today.


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The Soul's Pilgrimage: The Theology of
the Christian Year
A Series of Sermons in Three Volumes
 2: The Descent of the Dove and the Spiritual Life

For Christians of all denominations, the second volume of sermons of Robert Crouse sets before us a sure pilgrimage into sanctification (holiness of life) amid the spiritual confusions of the 21st century. In the sermons of Vol I, we learned what Christ has done for us. In these sermons we learn how to allow Christ to live in and through us as we enjoy the riches of both the second half of the Temporale (the Sundays of Pentecost/Trinity season) and the Sanctorale (the feasts of the saints). 


"And in the long succession of Sundays after Trinity, the Church sets before us, in prayer and scripture lessons, an ordered pattern of spiritual growth, that his kingdom - his kingdom of the Spirit - might be fulfilled in us." -Robert Crouse

"Just as a pure beam of light, passing through a prism of glass or precious stone, is manifest in all the rich diversity of the colours of the spectrum, so the grace of God in Christ is manifested in all his saints, according to all the diverse facets of character and nature, according to all the diversity of the Spirit's gifts." -Robert Crouse


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Forthcoming Publications

Forthcoming publications are A Theology of Pilgrimage, theological essays drawing on the Christian tradition to address contemporary issues, Dante’s Pilgrimage that reveals Fr Crouse’s spiritual vision in his teachings on The Divine Comedy, and a volume of Crouse’s interpretation of Boethius. A third volume of sermons will complete the project as Crouse describes the heavenly pilgrimage that is prior to all earthly pilgrimage: the pilgrimage within the life of God the Trinity as revealed in Holy Scripture. 

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