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Rhea Bright, a former student and colleague of The Rev'd Canon Dr Robert Crouse, has written a comprehensive historic and theological commentary on Images of Pilgrimage that will give individuals a greater depth of understanding of the images introduced in Images of Pilgrimage.  Parishes and Book Clubs may find this Study Guide to Images of Pilgrimage a helpful accompaniment in a group study.  Leaders and facilitators of such groups may find this resource particularly insightful and illuminating.   

A Study Guide to Images of Pilgrimage is sold on Amazon bookstores everywhere, in both softcover and electronic versions.

We are pleased to invite you to the Works of Robert Crouse Book Launch! We are celebrating the release of the first two publications in the Works of Robert Crouse series: Images of Pilgrimage and The Soul's Pilgrimage: The Theology of the Christian Year, Volume I: From Advent to Pentecost.

The launch will run January 14 & 15, 2024 over various locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Please see our Book Launch event page for all of the details.

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